Kien Giang: People's Committee thoroughly grasp and implement the Decree No. 77/2017 / ND-CP and Directive No. 2173 / CT-UBND. A A

On the morning of October 27, Mr. Mai Anh Nhi - Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee chaired the meeting to thoroughly grasp and implement the Government's Decree No. 77/2017 / ND-CP dated July 3, Decree No. 2173 / CT-UBND, dated 18/10/1017 of the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee on thoroughly grasping and implementing Decree No. 77/2017 / ND-CP. Representatives of departments, sectors, districts, towns and cities attended.
Decree No. 77/2017 / ND-CP consists of 05 chapters and 40 articles. The highlight of this Decree is shown in Chapter III. The activities of people and means at port border gates, from Article 26 to Article 33 and Chapter IV. Responsibility in the management and protection of security and order at the port border gate, from Article 34 to Article 38. In Chapter III and Chapter IV, specific and clear regulations and responsibilities of persons on board including Vietnamese as well as foreigners; The responsibilities of each management and supervision agency ... In the Instruction No. 2173, the provincial People's Committee assigned relevant departments, districts, towns and port authorities to carry out seriously and direct and guide the specialized state management agencies under the direct management. To coordinate with the Border Guards in managing and protecting security and order at the port border gates and strictly handling violations according to the provisions of law; To review documents announcing the opening of seaports, wharves, wharves and inland waterway ports for Vietnamese ships and boats as well as foreign ships and boats for cargo loading and unloading, passenger embarkation and disembarkation Harbor port water.
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