Kien Giang: Provincial People's Committee meets regularly in October 2017 A A

On the morning of October 31, Pham Vu Hong - Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, presided over the online conference on steering, management and socio-economic situation in October. and some key tasks in November 2017.

In the month, the provincial leaders concentrated on directing the organization of big festivals and festivals in the province, such as Nguyen Trung Truc traditional heroic festival; Incense-burning ceremony of the 57th anniversary of the death of Hero of the People's Armed Forces Mai Thi Nuong; Khmer cultural, sports and tourist festival; World Peace Fair 2017. According to the draft report of the provincial People's Committee, socio-economic results, as follows: Economic: Agricultural production, localities basically harvested the summer-autumn and autumn-winter; focus on sowing season and winter-spring crop 2017-2018; Total catch and aquaculture production is estimated at 68,731 tons, 10 months: 644,920 tons, reaching 85.45% of the plan. For brackish shrimp farming: 116,675 ha, reaching over 103% of the plan. Output reached 4,749 tons in the first ten months, reached 57,189 tons, reached 90.77% of the plan and increased: 23.24% over the same period. Inspection and supervision of fishery resources is regularly strengthened.
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